Friday, 10 August 2018

WALT:about change

Name of experiment: INERTIAL EGGS

Group names:  Kayne, Tarelle, Te koha, Rykahdo and Miikaere

Change question: Will the fresh one keep spinning when you touch it?

Prediction: I think it will keep spinning when you place your finger on it.

Observations: We saw the boiled egg spin faster then the and the fresh egg
Conclusion/ Answer to your question: Yes it will keep spin
Extending the learning
I wonder questions (Trying new things): I wonder what will happen if you boil it with different times.  

Comparing Original (Experiment with trying my new ideas):

Research on topic:

WALT: use tenei and enei in sentences about objects

tenei means one and enei means more then two. 
For example He
pene rakua enei some pencils and He
 pene rakua tenei one pencil.  

WALT: use strategies

we are learning  read bigger words. the cards helps us read words we don't know one of them is read around the word to find clues and another one is chunk the word.

WALT: change action

We are learning to use shapes 
to create different kinds of art. 

Friday, 3 August 2018

WALT organise detail into paragraphs

Room 2 learning what is in a recount plant it 
 helps us understand more about a recount and a 
mind map helps us organise our ideas .

WALT improve endurance

room 2 drew stick figures 
we had to be silent so we could 
concentrate and draw it properly. 

WALT improve endurance

at school room 2 played rob the nest you get put into groups and the aim is to get as many eggs from other teams as you can. The knee game me and kayne played together my arm darted at kyane's knee and tapped it. 

WALT about change in science

9E Boat power

TeKoha, Rykardo, Kayne, Zeke, Tarelle.

Change question: Why does vinegar and baking soda when mixed transform by a chemical reaction?
We want to know what it creates?

Prediction: It creates gases and a yucky smell and the cork is going to blow off the bottle and the gas
will keep out until all the liquid has disappeared.

Observations:  we saw the bottle get bigger and wider

V\ideo link:   

Conclusion/ Answer to your question:

The chemical with vinegar and baking soda is gases that full the plastic bottle
with air that make the bottle harder and harder. in side and makes the bottle
wider and wider so the vinegar and baking soda makes a chemical that will
make the bottle huge.

By Kayne, Zeke, Tekoha and tarelle